Let's Be Well Together

Be Well Initiatives

Through intentional self-care and connection, Be Well Initiatives brings
brain science to life to help us experience hope and healing.

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You're Invited to Be Well

Be Well Initiatives offers a wellness community for all.

We cannot single-handedly control the events of the world in which we live. What we do always have within our reach is the manner in which we take care of ourselves, build and foster relationships, and support each other. Our investment in our brain health directly affects our resilience and our ability to respond and cope with the world and societal events. Self-care is not selfish, it is necessary. Learn about and experience the benefits of self-care, connection and brain science through Be Well Initiatives.

Be Well Initiatives is here to help enhance the emotional health and well-being of individuals, organizations and communities. We do this through virtual and live public and private experiences. These experiences are rooted in brain science and are led by a team of experts. During our time together, participants learn about and experience the benefits of self-care, mindfulness, connection, and hope.

Let's Be Well Together

Experiencing the Benefits of Brain Science Together

It is one thing to be taught about overall wellness, it is another to actually experience it. That's why we launched Be Well Initiatives. Lead by a team of behavioral health experts, Be Well brings brain science to life as they lead live experiences including self-assessment, mindfulness and meditation and share brain health tips, tools and strategies for emotional regulation and wellness. Whether you are an individual or organization, you are invited to experience self-care and community by selecting from the options best for you.

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Experience Self-Care & Connection Through Be Well Initiatives

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Free Events & Resources

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Private Experiences and Curated Wellness Package Options for Businesses and Organizations

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Bring brain health wellness to life in your workplace!

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Ringing in Hope, Healing and Wellness

Be the Change with the Be Well Community Movement

Have you spotted one of our Be Well Bells around your community? Learn more about what they mean here!

Thank you so much for the Be Well Community resources. Be Well has taught me many coping skills and insight into my youngest daughter's struggle with depression and anxiety. I have never been to any counseling before, but this connection has enabled me to recognize my own feelings of stress and how to manage them. Thank you for everyone's time and talents as you help nurture our mental health!

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I didnโ€™t know that a one-hour Zoom meeting could literally change someoneโ€™s life, but it did mine.

Thank you, Be Well Initiatives for all you do (seen and unseen). Know that you inspire and truly support. YOU are a difference maker and I love the authentic depth you bring to hard things.

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